When you are dead, in your cold grave, and sadness and grief would have almost destroyed me within the few days of your eternal abscense, I would make my way to the cemetary in one lonely night. Take the flowers off your grave and start digging. Slowly at first, carefully, then faster and faster, cause I could not wait to see you again any longer. Finally I would have reached the solid wood of the coffin, would remove the last bit of dirt with my bare hands and lift up the lid. What a delight, to see you again. Your sweet face, pale and a satisfied look on your face, as if you were sleeping. I would softly caress your cheeks, kiss your lips, like I did, when you were still among the living. I would touch your head and run my fingers through your hair and the shaved parts of your head and I would kiss your head, your forehead, your closed eye-lids, your nose, your cheeks, your lips, your chin, your neck. The necklace you always wore still around it. I softly caress your chest and slowly remove the clothes they put on you before putting you to rest forever. After taking your t-shirt off you, I would caress your chest, softly with my finger draw circles in the soft hair, kiss you everywhere, from your shoulders to your then take off your jeans. I would softly caress and touch your hips and thighs, and then wrap my hand around your soft cock and stroke it, as if that could still have the same effect as it used to have when you were still alive. I would kiss it and lick it and carefully suck it. And kiss you and lick you all over and rub my body over yours, loving all of you and loving myself, with your dead, lifeless hands. I would softly start biting you and scratching you, like I used to do, and maybe I would even cut your skin a little to drink your blood. Not completely fresh anymore as it used to be, but still tasty and wonderful. Wonderful, like everything about you... Then after I'm done I would slit my wrists, pour some of my blood over you, write a last message on your and my body, a message you will possibly never read, and I would lie down next to you holding you in my arms, an eternal embrace, and softly kissing and caressing your lifeless cheeks I would slowly slide over into the world where you are then. And be together with you, forever, eternally in love.